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We have strong grounds to believe that our Café serves the most delicious and healthiest goodies in the Izera Mountains.

This is the first and only vegan Café in Świeradów-Zdrój, offering raw, sugar-, gluten- and chemistry-free desserts, although the lovers of “classic” cakes will also find something for themselves here.

Slow Food.

This is not just a fashionable catchword for us.

That’s the core.

The vegan Café in the Izera Mountains is a fact – and a dream come true for many. This is a place where our Guest is not another, casual customer, but our companion in a healthy feast for the senses. 

Desserts taste better when created without haste, so we slow down the course of time here. We create pleasure ourselves: you will not find any ready made sweets at our place.

The head chef of our kitchen and Wolna Café, Anna Wojdyła, makes sure that the ingredients of our delicacies are superfoods. It is for this reason that our delicious mousses, tarts, cakes, cocktails, puddings, tofu cheesecakes, candy bars and all the rest can be consumed by you without any remorse and with the confidence that you eat healthily.

Our desserts do not contain sugar,

and all ingredients are carefully selected not only because we want to give health to people on a plate in Café Wolna; also because we eat this way ourselves and we don’t serve food that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

“Do not be deceived. You will have no willpower in this place. If during your stay at BioRezydencja Ania happens to be there (and – praised be! – she usually is), even if you wouldn’t be able to pronounce most of the names of vegan ingredients used by Ania for her culinary masterpieces – you’ll eat everything and ask for more”.

Lena, blog Do Korzeni!

Are healthy desserts everything that Café Wolna can offer? Of course not!

You can also have a great espresso coffee, many aromatic tea blends, fresh juices, hot chocolate, and yerba mate. In the summer, we’ll bring you cool, delicious, natural ice cream that you can eat in the courtyard or in the garden, breathing the mountain air; in cooler seasons, you can inhale the unique atmosphere of our historic, ecological manor house.

We also accept individual orders for vegan cakes.

When is Café Wolna open?

Café Wolna is always open in the summer and winter seasons, as well as for groups that we host.
Can you visit us during the low season? Of course, but first we have to explain something.

We fight against food waste and pay attention to the highest freshness of our raw products.

For this reason, in order to be able to taste our famous delicacies in spring or autumn, we suggest that you call us (+48 508 955 225) before your planned arrival and make sure that the Café is open on a given day. You can also order the opening of a cafe for a group of minimum 10 people, and we will be happy to prepare fresh, healthy delicacies for them.

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