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The workshop room

The room for workshops and conferences, which is hidden at the attic of BioRezydencja, is our great asset.

Thanks to it, BioRezydencja is much more than just bed and board. In addition to space and conditions for rest, we also offer a well-equipped place for work, meetings and creative activities. Our capacious workshop room is a space that pulsates with life both during events organized by us and those organized by our guests.

A wooden, oiled floor of 160 m2, a small stage, professional HK AUDIO sound system, meditation cushions, mattresses, flip chart, folding chairs, and a projector make our room an ideal place for organizing all kinds of events.

This is why our guests use it willingly for:

  • workshops
  • conference,
  • theater performances,
  • concerts,
  • yoga classes,
  • meditation,
  • exhibitions, etc.

Do you want to organize any of the above events for your group? We offer help after previous arrangements.

The whole room encourages creative work. Excellent acoustics have been repeatedly appreciated by bands and artists, and natural materials promote physical activity. In view of the wooden floor friendly to the human body, in our workshop room, we prefer and suggest staying without shoes.

See the panorama of the room
Sala do warsztatów w BioRezydencji

Please, note: we don’t rent our workshop room for family parties, alcoholic events, weddings.