Massages and treatments2023-11-13T17:57:22+01:00

Massages and regenerative treatments are another attraction in our manor house.

See why it is also worth trusting our experience in these areas.

BioRezydencja Hosts are qualified masseurs. As a result, during your stay, you can easily free yourself from the tension, pain, and stress accumulated in your body, get rid of stiffness in the muscles and joints, support your circulatory and lymphatic system and treat yourself to well-deserved rest or, if you prefer, to movement.

At BioRezydencja, we offer four types of health-promoting massages:

  • Peloha (90 min, 250 zł)
  • Ayurvedic (90 min, 250 zł)
  • Lomi Lomi Nui (90 min, 250 zł)
  • massage with stamps (90 min, 250 zł)

We kindly ask you to express your wish for a massage at least two days in advance, because not all our therapists are available on the spot.

In addition, we offer other relaxing treatments:

  • Breathing sessions
  • Qui – Gong