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Apartment 7

The apartment 89m2 for 8 people! Comfortable, spacious, excellent for a large group or family. Apart from the living room, where you can relax by the fireplace, an undoubted advantage is an entresol – a favorite place for children. Woodblock floor, antique bar with porcelain and as many as three tables at which one can sit, create the perfect atmosphere for a family evening over some aromatic tea.


Price list:

Price for this apartment: 112,5 EUR / 2-4 people.

Each additional person pays an extra 12,5 EUR.

Prices may change due to the season or length of stay.

Resort tax for adults: 1,5 EUR / day.

Additional options:

  • We accept friendly and well-behaved dogs for an additional fee of 12,5 EUR / day.
  • Breakfasts: 12,5 EUR / person. Children 0-3 year-old: 0 EUR, children 3-10 year-old: 6,5 EUR.
  • Wood for fire place in apartment – 12,5 EUR .
  • Preparing wood for bonfire 12,5 EUR (cost of cutting, chopping and time). If the guests collect branches from the meadow on their own – they don’t pay.
  • We have good quality tap water, so there is no need to bring plastic bottled water with you. One reusable bottle will make everyone happy: you, us and Mother Nature :).


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