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Tomasz Szymocha

The owner and founder of BioRezydencja, which he bought in 2005 as a completely ruined facility at that time. Thanks to his determination to create an ecological place of the highest standard, he made the oldest house in Świeradów-Zdrój great again. An actor, dancer, spiritual seeker and yogi, the first man in Poland who is a certified 5 Rhythms teacher. A man in constant journey, appearing in BioRezydent occasionally; when he is there, he runs workshops, dances, and massages. He finds inspiration in nature, theater and five of his children.

Wojtek Szymocha

The chief administrator, host and good spirit of BioRezydencja. Masseur, certified Prana Vision breathing coach. He’s well known to fans of iconic, alternative radio stations, in which he used to work as a presenter and DJ. Today, after years of intense life, he has found peace and harmony that he shares with others through his breathing workshops and massages. He attaches great importance to the quality of meals served in BioRezydencja, taking care of the delivery of organic products from the local farmers. Wojtek is an interesting and engaged interlocutor who will help solve every problem of our guests with a smile on his face.

Anna Wojdyła

A creative chef at BioRezydencja; passionate about plant-based, raw, sugar-free pastry and wildfood forager. Fascinated with nutrition based on self-observation of the body in accordance with the rhythm of nature. She cooks intuitively, seasonally and selectively (without wheat, meat and sugar) or she doesn’t cook at all but prepares raw, nourishing meals. She encourages to learn our own bodies, which are mines of knowledge and the best guidelines to the tailored diet.

You can find her at Instagram (@dzikodobrze) where she shares her foraging journeys including recipes and tips how to cook wild food and how to use herbs as a natural medicine. She is deeply inspired by harmony of nature, trying to follow the example in everyday life and culinary experiments.