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For how long have you been browsing the Internet in search of a quiet, ecological oasis among the mountains? We believe that we can be the place that will become your favourite one at the end of the world.

Discover how many secrets are hidden in the walls of our BioRezydencja.

Since you’ve come here, you’re probably tired of roaring progress, computer pixels, time wasted in traffic jams and ubiquitous chemistry; you dream of silence, peace, unpolluted air, healthy eating and lack of distracting stimuli; in a word – of the place where the mind and body are strengthened. This is also our dream, that’s why we have turned our 250-year-old German property into an oasis of what’s the most natural.

How does BioRezydencja help you get back to balance?

We made sure that every element in our manor house is friendly to the human body, which is why:

  • all plasters in the building are natural and friendly to allergy-sufferers
  • floors, furniture, and wooden surfaces are covered with ecological oils
  • there are no television sets in BioRezydencja; it is the fire in our fireplaces that is lullabying
  • our kitchen and Café Wolna serve exclusively ecological products
  • smoking cigarettes and alcohol parties are forbidden
  • there is a spacious, beautiful garden with a 250-year-old chestnut tree at our Guests’ disposal
  • for the maximum comfort of the Guests, the apartments have their own kitchenettes, luxury bathrooms, beautiful living rooms, and antique wooden furniture, and all this is enclosed in a space of 80m2

These comfortable enclaves of intimacy are loved by both whole families and numerous workshop groups that can count on preferential treatment.

In addition, we offer a free (unguarded) car park near the facility and a place to store bicycles.

Slow Food

The cuisine that heals

Vegetarian and vegan, healthy cuisine, in which ecological, seasonal and regional products play the main role, is our next showcase.

Both the meals that we serve to our Guests and the desserts from our Café Wolna are so-called superfood – unprocessed or minimally processed food, composed of ingredients strictly selected by us.

In our kitchen there is no place for sugar and meat, but their fans will certainly find something for themselves among numerous, moody restaurants of Świeradów-Zdrój.

Is BioRezydencja for everyone?

We’re afraid not.

People who are not able to relax without a TV and expecting meat dishes will not feel good at our place, as well as enthusiasts of loud parties, alcohol, and cigarettes – these are not allowed in our facility.

However, this is an excellent message for guests who wish to relax from the hustle and bustle in a healthy environment, enjoying a vegetarian, light and healthy cuisine, and for families with children. Also, lovers of a minimalist, natural design will feel good in our interiors.

What else can BioRezydencja offer me? See for yourself!


  • you need to regenerate and relax the body, we offer our massages and treatments to you;
  • you want to spoil your palate with healthy delicacies, visit our charming Café Wolna
  • the element of a successful rest for you are cultural events, check out our events
  • you are planning to come with a group, you will enjoy our Special Offer for groups.


I want to check it all with my own eyes!