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After many years of taking an active part in house culture, we decided to make our little dream come true and create in Poland the very first dance camp related just to house dance, house music and house culture — DEEP IN HOUSE CAMP 4th edition. We want to give you the space to be fully part of this culture. To create it and establish a deep relationship with the European house dance scene. ✨

Based on our own experience – by participating in many international projects, building house dance communities all across our country, organizing events and parties, we as dancers, DJs and activists, know that relationships are the most important thing in the dance scene. This trip is going to be a combination of all these experiences.

We have invited two foreign teachers who will be with us throughout our camp. 🇫🇷🇩🇪

We will publish more information about the guests and the schedule on our Instagram @deep_in_house_camp.

At camp, we train in a system of long, two- and three-hour dance sessions, thanks to which, everyone will feel the essence of house culture. We will have time to understand and deeply enter the movement and rhythm of the classes. Such a long session is not a typical class. This is a space where we explore the topic, we have time for practice, exchange and learn.
At each of the dance sessions, there is a DJ who will guide us musically. The energy that we achieve is as important as movement. We will give ourselves time not only to learn, but also to express ourselves.
We’re offering 44 spots in total for the whole stay (32 spots in Biorezydencja complex + 12 spots in Dom pod Mandragora which is a 5-minute walk from the main building of Biorezydencja).
Important note! Please remember that the order of application determines the specific accommodation in a specific building. First, we will fill the places in the Bioresidency, then in the Mandragora House.
• DATE •
28/06/2024 – 5/07/2024
📍Świeradów Zdrój, Poland
3700 pln / 860 euros (the price includes the cost of all classes, jams, eight days — seven accommodation nights, three full meals a day and space that is exclusively available during our stay and which each participant can use in their free time)
After filling out the Google Form below, you will receive (up to 3 business days) all the information needed to complete the registration process.
deep in house team
~ Adam, Ola, Janek, Polar, Justyna



Czerwiec 28 (Piątek) 15:00 - Lipiec 5 (Piątek) 11:00

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